18.Kathy Dusak(non-registered)
Hi Judy!!! The Chinese New Year photos are fantastic!!!
15.LeAnne Crowley(non-registered)
Beautiful images Judy!! Wishing you the best!
13.greg comnes(non-registered)
Aesthetically moving and technically proficient--I wish I could say I had taken them!

Well done.
12.Rick Sager(non-registered)
Great pictures!
... good, good, people pictures !!!!.
9.Michele Wambaugh(non-registered)
Very beautiful travel images! Congrats!!!
8.Anne Lien(non-registered)
I am truly amazed at your photographic abilities. Every photograph is so uplifting and exciting to view. You have a true talent! Love it all!
5.Mike Hancock(non-registered)
Terrific photos, Judy! Great composition, great exposure, great saturation, and sharp where required!
4.Dorothy MacKinnon(non-registered)
Fabulous photos! I recognize my Costa Rican feathered friends and I am enjoying guessing at all the other exotic locations you have photographed. Thanks for sending me your site.
3.Sukoshi Fahey(non-registered)
Judy, you are so amazing with your travels and beautiful photographer. Great website and I love the quote on your home page.
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